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We offer full technological coverage, so we produce all the mats and the accessories in our workshop. We use eco-friendly devices and take care of our products - they will not be hazardous to health of both children and adults. We can prepare and send free product and technology samples for shops and publishers and deliver them.

We can help out with choosing the perfect mat for particular needs for game.


  • Latex mats

2 sided latex mats are dedicated for miniature games. The mats are light and made of pvc semi shiny material. Due to the specificity of the material the most optimal manner of storage is a tube.

Main specification:

mats in every size
    fully customizable sides
is flat when unfolded
    high quality details
satin surface gently reflects light
    water and scratch proof

  • eLeather mats

The eLeather Mat is an amalgam of all the expectations- high quality, durability, lightness and ability to fold.  In addition, one of its side has got leather texture and the other one is made of satin. It is a perfect solution for the wide range of card, board and miniature games. There is a possibility to prepare a two-sided board!

mats in any size
    1 mm thick
beautiful leather structure
    high quality details
water proof
    very light, easy to transport

  • rubber neoprene mats

Our mats are produced in Poland, so we provide quality and color control. The mats are wash and crease resistant. They are made of sensous satin fabric. We own a large workshop, warehouse and true capabilities. Our mats can be made not only in different sizes but also in different shapes because we are able to prepare a blanking die which is needed.

available in any size
    water and scratch resistant
high colour depth surface
    2 mm thick (it's possible to change thick between 1 and 5 mm)
possibility of folding, highly elastic

  • erasable mats

PVC mats are covered with a shiny material you can write on. Use washable markers and then erase it. They can be used as RPG tactical maps, temporary character cards or to draw units’ movements. The erasable mats can be easily rolled, so it does not take a lot of space.

prepared for multiple writing and erasing
    water and scratch resistant
0,8 mm thick
    uses up little space when rolled up
shiny material

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